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Ep Fibers trigger point
EP Trigger Point Fibers
Our Price: $9.95

This great, easy to work with material has been designed to match a multitude of wing and body colors found in aquatic insects. Pre-treated with Watershed waterproofing liquid so this material floats like a cork.  It ties in with very little bulk and is great for wings, underwings, parachute posts and more.  The fluorescent colors make wonderful hi-vis posts. more info
Baitfish Emulator Flash
Baitfish Emulator Flash
Our Price: $6.50

A great material for streamer patterns.  Tapered ends for a more natural appearance, can be wound, shows nice sparkle, available in great colors. more info
Our Price: $4.75

A superb material for parachute posts, McFlylon is available in both hatch matching, imitative colors as well as bright colors for maximum visibility.  Pretreated with floatant. more info
Craft Fur
Craft Fur
Our Price: $3.50

An artificial streamer wing material with excellent sheen and movement.  Easy to use and will tie flies up to 2 1/2" long. more info