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1MHN   #1 Metz Hen Neck
1MHS   #1 Metz Hen Saddle
1METS   #1 Metz Natural Rooster Saddles
1METN   #1 Metz Rooster Neck
PS   #1 Partridge Skin
2METNCP   #2 Metz Half Rooster Combo Pack Grizzly & Brown
2METN1/2   #2 Metz Half Rooster Neck
2METS   #2 Metz Natural Rooster Saddles
2METN   #2 Metz Rooster Neck
3METNCP   #3 Metz Half Rooster Combo Pack Grizzly & Brown
3METN1/2   #3 Metz Half Rooster Neck
3METN   #3 Metz Rooster Neck
B77-1   101 Trout Tips: A Guides Secrets, Tactics and Technics by Landon Mayer
GGE   14/0 thread
B129-2   40 Great American Trout Flies (pb) by Craig Schuhman
UNI8E200   8/0 Uni Thread 200yd
DVD09   A Casting Approach to Dry Fly Fishing in Tight Brush by Joe Humphreys
DVD07   A Casting Approach to Flycasting to Catch Fish, Not Just to Cast. by Joe Humphreys
DVD08   A Casting Approach to Nymphing Tactics by Joe Humphreys
B36   A River Runs Through It (pb) by Norman McClean
DF01   Adams Dry Fly
DF02   Adams Dry Fly, Black
DF03   Adams Dry Fly, Olive
DF04   Adams Dry Fly, Yellow
P01   Adams Parachute
WF01   Adams Wet Fly
DVD26   Advanced Classic Wet Flies by Don Bastian
B143   Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead, by Rick Kustich
WF02   Alder Wet Fly
B44-4   American Nymph Fly Fishing Guide (pb) by Michael Gorman
ABM   Amnesia Fluorescent Butt Material
AGD   Angora Goat Dubbing
ANT   Antelope
AY   Antron Yarn
AMS   Anvil Mini Scissor
AQS   Aquaseal
AF   Arctic Fox
APD   Awesome Possum
ST08-1   Baby Brook Trout
ST08-2   Baby Brown Trout
EM01   Baetis (Blue Winged Olive) Emerger
BEF   Baitfish Emulator Flash
B100   Barr Flies by John Barr
MSWC   Bass/Saltwater Capes
BHB   Bead Head Beads
GB07   Bead Head Glo Bug, Chartreuse
GB08   Bead Head Glo Bug, Cream Delight
GB09   Bead Head Glo Bug, Golden Nugget
GB18   Bead Head Glo Bug, Oregon Cheese
GB11   Bead Head Glo Bug, Salmon Egg
BN01   Bead Head Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear
BN03   Bead Head Green Weenie
BN04   Bead Head Muskrat
BN11   Bead Head Olive
BN06   Bead Head Peacock
BN07   Bead Head Pheasant Tail
BN08   Bead Head Prince Nymph
BN02   Bead Head Squirrel Nymph
SS07   Bead Head Sucker Spawn, Gold
BN09   Bead Head Walt's Worm
ST24   Bead Head Woolly Bugger, Black
ST25   Bead Head Woolly Bugger, Brown
ST26   Bead Head Woolly Bugger, Chartreuse
ST29   Bead Head Woolly Bugger, Olive
ST28   Bead Head Woolly Bugger, Tan
ST30   Bead Head Woolly Bugger, White
BDZR   Beadzers
DVD03   Beginnings: Introduction To Fly Fishing by Mel Krieger
B101   Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying (spiral) by Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer
SM01   Bendback, Baby Bass
SM02   Bendback, Chartreuse
SM03   Bendback, Shiner
P0-3   Black Ant Parachute
BBH   Black Bear
T07   Black Foam Beetle
ST07   Black Ghost
ST02   Black Ghost Marabou
DF05   Black Gnat Dry Fly
P03   Black Gnat Parachute
WF25   Black Gnat Wet Fly
WN01   Black Hare's Ear
ST01   Black Marabou
M01   Black Midge
SI6398   Black Nickel Zinger
ST03   Black Nosed Dace
SP01   Blackish Olive Spinner
BDH   Bleached Deer Hair
DF07   Blue Dun Dry Fly
M02   Blue Dun Midge
DF08   Blue Quill
CD01   Blue Quill Comparadun
CW01   Blue Quill Cut Wing
EM02   Blue Quill Emerger
WN14   Blue Quill Nymph
SP02   Blue Quill Spinner
WF13   Blue Quill Wet Fly
MN01   Blue Winged Olive (Baetis) Nymph
CW02   Blue Winged Olive Cut Wing
M03   Blue Winged Olive Midge
P04   Blue Winged Olive Parachute
SP03   Blue Winged Olive Spinner
WF12   Blue Winged Olive Wet Fly
DF06   Blue-Winged Olive
CD02   Blue-Winged Olive Comparadun
BHP   Brassie Hair Packer
ST15   Brown Bucktail
D01   Brown Drake
WF03   Brown Hackle Wet Fly
M04   Brown Midge
CN01   Caddis Larvae, Gray
CN02   Caddis Larvae, Green
CN03   Caddis Larvae, Olive
CN04   Caddis Larvae, White
CD03   Cahill Comparadun, Lemon
CD05   Cahill Comparadun, Light
CD04   Cahill Comparadun, Orange
CW03   Cahill Cut Wing, Lemon
CW04   Cahill Cut Wing, Orange
CBH   Calf Body Hair
CT   Calf Tail
CBU   Caribou
DC03   Casting Class Spring 2016
B146   Cathy Beck's Fly-Fishing Handbook (pb) Cathy Beck
CP   CDC Oiler Puffs
B103   Charlie's Fly Box (pb) by Charlie Craven
T01-1   Cinnamon Ant
T3   Clipped Hair Beetle
T12   Clipped Hair Hopper
T4   Clipped Hair Inchworm
B105   Clouser's Flies: Tying and Fishing The Fly Patterns of Bob Clouser by Bob Clouser
CBD   Coastal Deer Hair
SP09   Coffin Fly (Green Drake Spinner)
B189   Colorado Guide Flies by Pat Dorsey
CL   Colored Lacquer Head Cement
B06-2   Common Nymphs of Eastern North America (spiral pb) by Tzilkowski and Stauffer
CH3   Coneheads
B211   Constructing Cane Rods: Serets of the Bamboo Fly Rod (pb) by Ray Gould
UM01   Copper John
CDL   Coq de Leone
C333C   Cortland 333 Classic Fly Line
C444S   Cortland 444 Classic Sylk Fly Line
C444   Cortland 444 Fly Lines
C444SLF   Cortland 444 SL Fly Line
C444RL   Cortland 444 SL Running Line
C444SL   Cortland 444 SL Sinking Type III (X Fast) Fly Line
C444SC   Cortland 444 Spring Creek Fly Line
CBCF   Cortland Braid Core Competition Fly Lines
CCRC-1   Cortland Cordura Rod and Reel Carrier 9' 4 Piece
CFP   Cortland Fairplay Fly Line
CFT   Cortland Finesse Trout II Fly Lines
CMT   Cortland Modern Trout Fly Lines
CNT   Cortland Nylon Tippet
CIM   Cortland Precision Indicator Mono Bi Color
CIMW   Cortland Precision Indicator Mono White
CIMY   Cortland Precision Indicator Mono Yellow
CPDFS   Cortland Pump Dry Fly Spray
CUPF   Cortland Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet
WF04   Cowdung Wet Fly
XCF   Craft Fur
DF31   Cranefly, Orange
DF30   Cranefly, Yellow
SC06   Crayfish, Brown/Tan
SC07   Crayfish, Olive
SC08   Crayfish, Soft Shell
DF09   Cream Cahill
M05   Cream Midge
DVD41   Creating the Garrison Fly Rod by Hoagy Carmichael
CRS   Crosscut Rabbit Strips
T08   Crowe Beetle
SS10   Crystal Meth, Chartreuse
SS11   Crystal Meth, Peach
SS08   Crystal Meth, Pink
SS09   Crystal Meth, White
D1110-25   Dai-Ichi 1110 25pk
D1120-100   Dai-Ichi 1120 100pk
D1120-25   Dai-Ichi 1120 25pk
D1130-25   Dai-Ichi 1130 25pk
D1167-25   Dai-Ichi 1167 25pk
D1180-100   Dai-Ichi 1180 100 pack
D1180-25   Dai-Ichi 1180 25 pack
D1530-25   Dai-Ichi 1530 25 pack
D1550-100   Dai-Ichi 1550 100 pack
D1550-25   Dai-Ichi 1550 25 pack
D1560-100   Dai-Ichi 1560 100 pack
D1560-25   Dai-Ichi 1560 25 pack
D1710-100   Dai-Ichi 1710 100 pack
D1710-25   Dai-Ichi 1710 25 pack
D1720-25-2   Dai-Ichi 1720 #10-18 25pk
D1720-25   Dai-Ichi 1720 #4-8 25pk
D1720-100-2   Dai-Ichi 1720 #10-14 100pk
D1720-100-   Dai-Ichi 1720 #6-8 100pk
D2220   Dai-Ichi 2220 #2 20pk
D2220-25   Dai-Ichi 2220 #2-14 25pk
D2441-10   Dai-Ichi 2441 # 1/0-2 10pk
D2441-10-2   Dai-Ichi 2441 # 4-8 10pk
D2441   Dai-Ichi 2441 #2/0 8pk
D2546-20   Dai-Ichi 2546 #1-8 20pk
D2546-15   Dai-Ichi 2546 #1/0 15pk
D2546-12   Dai-Ichi 2546 #2/0 12pk
WF05   Dan's Brown Wet Fly

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