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High N Dry Gel Floatant Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon Tippet 50m spool
Our Price: $8.95
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Our Price: $19.95
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High and Dry gel floatant Cortland Ultra Premium
High N Dry Gel floatant was designed with special and unique materials, and is specifically for those fly-fishers that prefer to dress their flies with their fingers. This floatant works well on all flies, including those tied with Cul de Canard (CDC) materials. Our field and lab tests show it to be the best performing floatant available. It is not flammable, it contains no organic solvents, 100% solids and is environmentally friendly. The new Fulling Mill Masterclass Fluorocarbon has the lowest refractory index of any other fluoro on the market, making it the least visible in water to fish. It's also the densest allowing it to cut through the surface tension quicker than ever before. Masterclass has a superb Diameter to Strength ratio so you can rest assured that it's incredibly strong, ultra supple and has great knot strength. With interlocking spools and a tangle-free band, this revolutionary fluorocarbon will certainly help you catch more fish. 50 m spool.
Cortland Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon Tippet Temple Fork NXT Black Label II
Our Price: $21.95
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Our Price: $109.95
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Cortland Ultra Premium Temple Fork NXT Black Label reel
With extensive research, development and field testing, Cortland is proud to announce the most premium Fluorocarbon trout tippet offering on the market. This tippet is formulated with a “Top Secret” blend giving it the perfect balance of knot strength, suppleness and abrasion resistance. 30 yd spool. The NXT Black Label series of reels set a new benchmark for performance at an affordable price. Machined, cast aluminum frame, ported to reduce weight and featuring a machined handle drag knob and spool release for increased durability during rigorous use. The NXT Black Label is a new shop favorite. Well built with an amazing smooth drag
system. A great value for the dollar reel. 4.6 oz WF5 + 100yd backing.
Fulling Mill FM 5130 2X Long Jig Orvis Clearwater 10' 3wt
Our Price: $13.25
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Our Price: $249.00
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Fulling Mill FM 5130 2X Long Jig Orvis Clearwater 10' 3wt fly rod
These forged fly hooks have a a 2X long shank, a 60 degree flat eye, a barbless claw point and a black nickel finish. Uses: jig streamers and longshank jig nymphs like stoneflies and cased caddis. Packs of 50 The Clearwater 3-Weight 10' Fly Rod is specifically designed to enhance European nymphing tactics. Its light sensitivity and reach offer the perfect rod for maintaining contact with a multiple-fly nymphing rig.

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