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The capriciousness of spring weather in Central PA is no secret, and the last few days were emblematic of this. Sunday, April 13 produced a near-record high of 86F. By Tuesday afternoon, sleet and snow fell as the thermometer took a 50 degree plunge. In between almost an inch of rain fell in the State College area. Today, Wednesday, 16 April, temperatures have rebounded a bit, and the sun is shining brightly.

This will be the first of our weekly updates for the season. For the most part, our reports are based on visits to each stream we monitor. That factor, combined with decades of experience on local waters, gives a high reliability to our reports. We do not guild the lily.

Spring Creek is up a bit and somewhat murky today. I suspect it will clear in the next day or two. Levels are about what you would expect for spring. There are still midges and BWOs about, but it is unlikely the fish will pay too much attention to them until water levels recede a bit. Of more interest, there have been Grannom caddis from Milesburg to Fisherman's Paradise. Grannoms are a new hatch for Spring Creek, and they may not last all that long. Each year seems to see them spread over more stream mileage, however.

Nymphing on Spring Creek has been excellent the last week. Sowbugs have outfished just about any other pattern. Other flies to try include olive shrimp, zebra midges, sucker spawn, and Baetis Nymphs. Pay particular attention to the amount of weight you use. There is so much water that the fish will not move far to eat your fly. Tippet need not be fluorocarbon nor light. 3x or 4X nylon will do fine. That's are a good thing since the fish are so fat and feisty.

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Grannom Elk Hair Caddis
Elk Hair Caddis, Mottled Brown/Black (Grannom)
Our Price: $1.80

A high floating pattern for imitating the Grannom Caddis.
Sowbug (Cress Bug)
Our Price: $1.75

One of those simple yet highly effective trout patterns.  Works particluarly well on the local limestone streams of central Pennsylvania.  One of the must have patterns.
Scud (shrimp), Olive
Our Price: $1.75

One of the best all around patterns for fishing Spring Creek.  Works 12 months out of the year, fish smaller sizes when water is low and clear, larger sizes when the water is up. ** Check out the video on how to tie!**
Dun/Black Spent Wing Midge
Our Price: $1.75

Ray Charles fly pattern
Ray Charles
Our Price: $1.70

Blue Winged Olive Nymph
Blue Winged Olive (Baetis) Nymph
Our Price: $1.70

This is an effective nymph patttern for the Baetis hatch otherwise known as the Blue Winged Olive.  this emergence is a much anticipated event on most great trout streams.  
Available weighted and unweighted.
Sucker Spawn, Gold
Our Price: $1.70

Gold sucker spawn patterns are our favorite for fishing Spring Creek.  While other colors can be effective the gold is the actual color of both trout eggs and sucker eggs.
Walt's Worm
Walt's Worm
Our Price: $1.70

One of our favorite go to patterns.  We tie them in a variety of sizes and fish them according to water levels.  Small sizes when water is low and larger sizes when the water is up.  Great for searching pattern for trout and bass.  Simplicity at it's finest.
Pheasant Tail
Our Price: $1.70

A must have pattern for all trout fishermen.  Pheasant tail nymphs are effective on trout streams anywhere in the country.
Bead Head Walt's Worm
Bead Head Walt's Worm
Our Price: $1.70

The bead headed version of our very own local creation.  Simplicity at it's best to tie and fish love them too.  Best used in sizing according to water levels.  Size 10 and 12 when water is high and 16 and 18 when water is low.  Year in and year out this is one of our best trout flies for fishing our local limestone streams.