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After a nasty winter during which little fishing was done, we are finally getting a break in the weather. The complication is that snow melt is raising water levels quickly and chilling it as well It remains to be seen whether or not water levels will remain fishable.

There is other good news, too. Blue-winged Olives have begun to hatch in the Milesburg area on Spring Creek, although our informants tell us that the fish were not rising to them. After this winter even the promise of a few rising fish down the road sounds good! Until the trout take notice of the Olives on the surface, Baetis nymphs and the usual fare of sowbugs and shrimp will be your best bet.

Blue-winged Olive, #18
Dun/Black Midge, #24-28
Griffith's Gnat, #20-22

Baetis nymph and Emerger, #18
Sowbug, #14-16
Olive Shrimp, #14-16
Zebra Midge, #18-20
Sucker Spawn, #12-16
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Blue Winged Olive Parachute
Our Price: $1.80

The first of the Pennsylvania mayfly hatches.  High floating and easy to see.
Sowbug (Cress Bug)
Our Price: $1.75

One of those simple yet highly effective trout patterns.  Works particluarly well on the local limestone streams of central Pennsylvania.  One of the must have patterns.
Scud (shrimp), Olive
Our Price: $1.75

One of the best all around patterns for fishing Spring Creek.  Works 12 months out of the year, fish smaller sizes when water is low and clear, larger sizes when the water is up. ** Check out the video on how to tie!**
Ray Charles fly pattern
Ray Charles
Our Price: $1.70

Green Weenie
Green Weenie
Our Price: $1.70

The fly we all  love to hate but have with us at all times.
Size 18 Blue Winged Olive Emerger Pattern
Baetis (Blue Winged Olive) Emerger
Our Price: $1.70

The blue winged olive hatch is always a greatly anticipated event on our local limestone streams.  A great pattern to use when the trout are refusing to take the dun.
Blue Winged Olive Nymph
Blue Winged Olive (Baetis) Nymph
Our Price: $1.70

This is an effective nymph patttern for the Baetis hatch otherwise known as the Blue Winged Olive.  this emergence is a much anticipated event on most great trout streams.  
Available weighted and unweighted.
Gold Bead Head Sucker Spawn
Bead Head Sucker Spawn, Gold
Our Price: $1.70

A great pattern for fishing the local trout streams early in the season when suckers are actively spawning.  Fish them directly down stream of where you see sucker activity in early March the trout love them.
Sucker Spawn, Gold
Our Price: $1.70

Gold sucker spawn patterns are our favorite for fishing Spring Creek.  While other colors can be effective the gold is the actual color of both trout eggs and sucker eggs.
Walt's Worm
Walt's Worm
Our Price: $1.70

One of our favorite go to patterns.  We tie them in a variety of sizes and fish them according to water levels.  Small sizes when water is low and larger sizes when the water is up.  Great for searching pattern for trout and bass.  Simplicity at it's finest.