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Fly fishing tips
1001 Fly Fishing Tips (pb) by Jay Nichols
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $17.95
Savings: $2.00

A great fly fishing book offering insightful tips compiled from some of the leading fly fishing experts.  Whether you are a trout fisherman or saltwater fisherman there is information here to help improve your fly fishing experience.
Fly fishing tips
101 Trout Tips: A Guides Secrets, Tactics and Technics by Landon Mayer
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $22.95
Savings: $2.00

Every fly-fishing problem has a solution. This collection of advice from veteran instructor Landon Mayer helps you analyze your past mistakes and learn how to adapt to a wide range of fishing conditions.
  • Unorthodox solutions for common fly-fishing problems
  • Covers everything from fly selection and rigging to landing fish
  • Features 250 color photos to illustrate proper techniques
  • 40 Great American Trout Flies (pb) by Craig Schuhman
    List Price: $39.95
    Our Price: $24.95
    Savings: $15.00

    A Fly Rod Of Your Own By John Gierach
    Our Price: $25.00

    From his reminiscences about learning to fish to a lyrical piece about fishing during a late spring snow to a wry, though compassionate, look at the hard life of a brook trout, Gierach provides entertainment for fly-fishers and literature lovers alike. Drawings.
    A River Runs Through It (pb) by Norman McClean
    Our Price: $15.95

    The original Norman McClean classic autobiography that Academy Award winning director Robert Redford and Brad Pitt portrayed on the big screen.
    Active Nymphing (pb) Rich Osthoff
    List Price: $19.95
    Our Price: $17.95
    Savings: $2.00

    Osthoff advocates an active strategy of moving the nymph, applying effective casting and creative presentation techniques that will attract the most elusive trout. With comprehensive advice on rigging and prospecting, practice tips for a wide variety of casts, and strategies for precise control to bring your nymph to life, this is your guide to becoming a truly versatile angler.
    Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead, by Rick Kustich
    List Price: $29.95
    Our Price: $27.95
    Savings: $2.00

    Tactics for Great Lakes steelhead, including new two-handed and switch rod techniques and Spey and tube flies.  Specifics on key rivers and streams in each of the Great Lakes states and provinces and understanding steelhead behavior, choosing where to fish, and reading the water.
    American Fly Tying Manual (pb) by Dave Hughes
    Our Price: $9.95

    Dave Hughes, well known angler and author of several fly- fishing books, presents the basics of tying artificial flies in this excellent, easy-to-understand introduction to a time-honored art form. Hughes covers the basics of equipment, materials, and tying techniques for dry flies, nymphs, and streamers, and includes color plates and "anatomy" for a variety of the most popular patterns
    American Nymph Fly Fishing Guide (pb) by Michael Gorman
    List Price: $19.95
    Our Price: $29.95

    If you want to consistently catch more fish in both moving and still waters nymphing is the technique that most often out-fishes both wet flies and dry flies.
    Guide Michael Gorman shares his vast knowledge on nymph fishing, including: equipment, techniques for still and moving waters, finding fish, reading water, all-star stream and lake nymph fly patterns, leader construction and specs, steelhead nymph fishing, steelhead nymph and egg flies, and much more.
    Aquatic Entomology (pb) McCafferty
    Our Price: $176.95

    Aquatic Biology and Natural History are subjects of interests to many, whether they be related to one's vocational education, one's avocation, or purely to one's appreciation for the living order of the world. This book has been written not only for entomologists, ecologists, and students of aquatic entomology, but also for sport fishermen, naturalists, and environmental assessment specialists. For those who may not have some vested interested in nature and ecology, this book will provide a pictorial introduction to some of the most fascinating life forms on earth and, hopefully, "wet" the appetite for understanding the aquatic insects, their environment, and their relationship to human life.