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Royal Wulff Cortland
Orvis Scientific Anglers Mastery Series
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Selling only high quality fly fishing lines.  We sell, Cortland, Royal Wulff triangle taper, Scientific Angler and Orvis fly lines.  We have fly lines in stock for trout fishing, bass fishing and saltwater applications.
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Orvis Hydros HD Trout WF
Our Price: $98.00

Textured lines have risen to an entirely new level. Created with features to improve your cast and presentation, the Hydros HD Trout line gives you incredible frictionless casting for most trout fishing situations. HD texturing teamed with IS, our most versatile trout taper, a Hy-Flote Tip, and the new and improved welded loop, combine to offer the finest trout line we've ever offered. The microreplicated pattern provides increased line durability, while allowing for easier pick-ups, less drag, easier mending, and greater shootability.
Scientific Angler Versatile Presentation Taper
Our Price: $84.95

For Versatile Presentations . Combines precision and accuracy to deliver flies with the softest presentation. Maintains loop control at long distance while still performing at close range.
Versatility at its finest
Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery.
Orange / White tip section.
Cortland Finesse Trout II Fly Lines
Our Price: $79.95

Our revolutionary Precision® Finesse II is designed for fishing small flies at greater distances in complex currents. Features include a hard running line jacket material for longer casts and an extra fine diameter front taper for the utmost in finesse. The unique supple coating in the head results in a fast-casting, highly accurate line that lands gently, floats higher, is less subject to drag — and mends with a flick of the wrist. Available in WF2F - WF6F.
Scientific Angler Mastery Wet Tip Type III
Our Price: $79.95

Sinking tip fly line.  Graduated density matched to taper for smooth casting.  Ideal for streamers, and wet flies for steelhead, salmon and bass in moving water.  Unique taper gives easy turnover with less kick
2.5 - 4.25 IPS
Scientific Angler Mastery Bonefish Taper
Our Price: $79.95

This unique taper has less wind resistance helping provide greater distance and accuracy.  Designed with the needs of a Bonefish fisherman in mind.
Orvis Hydros Bass
Our Price: $79.00

Fishing for bass requires the ability to get big flies in tight places. This bass fly line has a compact head and short front taper to turn over the big deer hair poppers and sliders with ease. Drive flies into tight, heavy cover, under branches and back in holes where large bass lurk. Cast into the wind with less effort. Works great with heavy nymph rigs at short to medium distances.
Orvis Hydros Trout DT
Our Price: $79.00

This is the double taper version of the new Orvis Hydros fly line. The line of choice for all around trout fishing. One end yellow, one end olive dun. Welded loop and line weight printed on line.
Orvis Hydros Trout WF
Our Price: $79.00

The line of choice for all around trout fishing. Yellow tip, olive dun running line.
Scientific Angler Mastery Double Taper
Our Price: $74.95

Designed for delicate presentations on Spring Creeks and small streams. Dark Willow in color.
Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Saltwater Fly Lines
Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Saltwater Fly Line
Our Price: $74.95

The combination of long weighted section and light running line make this line cast like a shooting head for distance.  Triangle Taper Saltwater lines a 105 ft long and feature a short forward taper of 30' and a long running line of 75'.
Mint Green color.