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Dual Head LED Pro Lite Orvis Super Slim Fly Box
Our Price: $114.95
Our Price: $14.95
This new tying lampprovides extra light power and flexibility. The LED light stays cool, it is very bright and wide angled and saves money on bulb replacement.  The magnifier has a long focal length and a spot for greater magnification.  Pro Lite can be vise mounted, table mounted or clamped and all accessories are included.  We believe this is the best light available on the market today. 7 3/8" 3 7/8" x 1/2" with slit foam holds 168 flies. Ideal nymph fly box.
Dohiku HDJ Jig 25 pack Tyflyz Toolz Hackle Tweezer
Our Price: $8.25
Our Price: $10.00
Tyflyz Toolz hackle tweezer
Dohiku has set the standard for competition fly hooks. Razor sharp points and aggressive hook designs with wide gaps and excellent hooking qualities.  
Barbless jig hook. Down eye, round bend, wide gap, standard wire.  #10-16
This new hackle plier made by Tyflyz Toolz is extremely lightweight so it does not break delicate feathers, but yet it holds like grim death.  Just insert index finger into loop to wrap hackle.  Very easy to compress open.   Highly recommended by Gary Borger, Charlie Craven and the FFP staff.  One of the more interesting new products for 2013.
Orvis Encounter Wading Shoe Aleka A4 8' 4wt
Our Price: $79.00
Our Price: $129.95
Orvis Encounter Felt Shoes
This new entry level wading shoe is packed with features found in much more expensive models. Welt construction to form a wide, rigid base, webbing loop eyelets for easy, even lace tightening with a rubber toe cap. Made with a durable felt sole. and screened drainage holes.
The A4 Series taper design results in rods that are incredibly light, recover
quickly and cast with unbelievable fast action, precision and power. Whether
fishing spring creeks with light tippets, larger rivers, lakes, reservoirs or
even demanding saltwater environments, this series has a model made for the
task. The shorter lengths are perfect for tight quarters while the longer length
rods will keep a back cast well above tall grasses to precisely zip line to all
targets, near and far.

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DeWitt 1043A 18 Compartment Fly Box
Our Price: $12.50
Tippet Rings
Our Price: $5.95
Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet Material
Our Price: $14.95
Dr. Slick Magnetic Net Minder
Our Price: $17.95
Coq de Leone
Our Price: $8.25

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Flyfisher's Paradise Curly Cues
Our Price: $3.95
Orvis Encounter Wading Jacket
Our Price: $98.00
Orvis Gear Keeper Staff Tether
Our Price: $22.95
Orvis Silver Sonic Convertible Waders
Our Price: $279.00
Flyfisher's Paradise Sighters
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